Hemanth Venkataraman. YES! Teacher.
Hemanth graduated from Columbia University’s School of Engineering and Applied Science in 2002 with a BS in Computer Science and Physics.  Though he enjoyed engineering, he came to realize that his true calling was working with teenagers in underserved communities. Soon after, he joined the New York City Teaching Fellows program, and began teaching mathematics and computer science at Louis D. Brandeis High School in Manhattan. After five years of classroom teaching experience, Hemanth began working with youth outside the classroom, inspiring them to embrace positive values and transcend the negative influences in their lives. He is a motivational speaker and community organizer who lives and works in New York City. He dedicated to uplifting the lives of youth and will be opening a public charter school, grade 6 through 12, in Brooklyn in 2013. The school will incorporate the YES! program into its daily schedule for all students..