YES! for Schools offers customized trainings for students, teachers and parents, teaching powerful breathing techniques and interactive awareness processes that reduce stress, and uplift qualities such as responsibility, commitment, compassion, service, and cooperation.

Our curriculum integrates our transformative physiological practices with a fun, experiential social emotional learning curriculum to create a highly effective tool for supporting student performance, reducing behavioral issues and building/supporting a positive, peaceful, happier school climate and culture.

In implementation, we find that the strongest start is to work with the leadership and teachers first, offering the YES! Educators’ Course, which addresses and alleviates teachers’ stress, boosts team morale, and promotes a positive attitude that supports a healthy learning environment, paving the way for us to work directly with the students. We are very flexible and work with the school to find the best approach, though this is our best practice.

In addition to in-school programming, we offer out-of-school hour services for youth, parents, and teachers.

For programming opportunities in your local area, select your region below or contact () to hear about options for setting up services.

Washington D.C., New Jersey / New York, Milwaukee, SFBA, Los Angeles, Pomona